Former Players

Below is a list of Diamond State’s former players and rovers (i.e.- substitute players borrowed for a match or two.)


Earl “Stones” Benningfield (2009-2011)

Ed “Pickles” Blansfield (2012)

Jake “Snake” Bockman (2011-2012)

Brian “Cap” Boulden (2009-2012)

Doug “One Finger” Brown (2009-2014)

Tom “Tombstone” Burns (2011)

John “Big Six” Cahill (2011-2012)

Jeff “Chilly” Coldiron (2009)

Kyle “Red” Conner (2012)

Adam “Split” Cooper (2014-2015)

Kevin “Dart” Darrah (2015)

James “Toby” Fowler (2009-2010)

Charlie “House” Kashner (2009-2010)

Andy “Zombie” Lynch (2011-2012)

Jesse “Fibber” Magee (2009)

Gerry “Irish” McVey (2010)

Joe “Deuce” Minutola (2010-2011)

Dan “Mini” Minutola (2010-2013)

Harry “Bull” Nickle (2016)

Kevin “Porkchop” Nodis (2012)

Frank “Dough Boy” Raymond (2015)

Scott “Stretch” Rawding (2009-2013)

Earl “Rusty” Rutter (2009-2010)

Mike “River” Spaziani (2013)

Jeff “Farmer” Stepanek (2009-2013)

Bruce “Bacon” Tatman (2009)

Troy “Juice” Tatman (2009)

Mike “Ghost” Thompson (2009)

Benjamin “Speakeasy” Voudouris (2015)

Gail Wagner (2015)




Rich “Boxer” Briefs (2010)

Todd “Mariner” Closs (2010)

Steven “Flop” Couch from Athletic BBC of Philadelphia (2011)

Justin “Bulldog” Deemer from Mechanicsburg Nine BBC (2010)

Dave “Fro” Frohnapfel (2011)

Kyley Jahr from Excelsior BBC of Arundel (2011)

Dave “Islip” Kahler (2010)

Ryan “Sparky” McCarroll from Excelsior BBC of Arundel (2011)

Dave “Professor” Miller (2009)

Dan “D-Woww” Rosenthal (2010)

Steve “The Pirate” Sloman (2009)