DSBBC Prevails In Three Forts BB Classic

August 1, 2011 On Sunday the Diamond State BBC and Flemington Neshanock BBC faced off in a unique base ball doubleheader that spanned two forts and a pair of states.  The Three Forts Base Ball Classic began at Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island, Delaware in the morning and ended in the late afternoon with second match at Fort Mott in Pennsville, New Jersey.  The two ball clubs braved the heat and a couple of ferry boat rides in what turned out to be a successful event for all involved.

Diamond State jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the day’s first match but was quickly matched by a strong Neshanock run.  The clubs were neck and neck the entire game, until Diamond State posted a couple of big innings to win, 13-9.  The Delaware nine were led at the plate by Assistant Captain Frank “Dutch” Brevoort, IV and pitcher Dan “Mini” Minutola (both 4-4, 2 doubles and 4 aces) and first baseman Scott “Stretch” Rawding.  Chris “Ring” Goering and Earl “Stones” Benningfield also collected 2 hits apiece.  Mini was awarded the game ball for another fine pitching performance and a terrific game at the plate.

At the conclusion of the first game, the two clubs boarded a ferry for a trip to Fort Mott in the Neshanock’s home state and the day’s second game.  Diamond State’s bats and defense proved to be too strong for the home Flemington club at Fort Mott.  Frank “Mr. B” Brevoort, III (game ball recipient) and captain Garrett “Steady” Perdick, each 2-2 at the plate, provided the offense to lead Diamond State to a 9-4 victory.  Leftfielder Kenny “Buzzsaw” Bonsall (1-2, triple and 1 ace), centerfielder Stones (1-1, BB and 1 ace), righfielder Brian “Cap” Boulden and Dutch all turned in solid play in the field.  Pitcher Mini collected the win.

With the wins, Diamond State’s record rose to 11-7 for the season.


Game 1: DSBBC-13, Neshanock-9 (DSBBC 2011 record: 10 wins 7 losses)

Jefe 1-1
Steady 1-2, ace
Stretch 3-4, ace
Cap 0-4
One Finger 0-2
Stones 2-4, ace
Buzz 1-2, ace, 3B
Ring 2-2, ace
Dutch 4-4, 4 aces, 2-2B
Mini 4-4, 4 aces, 2B, BB
Snake 1-4
Memphis 0-2
Big Six 0-2
Mr. B 1-1

Game 2: DSBBC-9, Neshanock-4 (11 wins 7 losses)
Jefe 1-1, 2 ace, BB
Steady 2-2, ace
Stretch 0-2
Cap 1-2
One Finger 1-2, ace
Stones 1-1, ace, BB
Buzz 1-2, ace, 3B
Dutch 0-2
Mini 0-1, ace, BB
Lobo 1-2
Snake 1-2
Memphis 1-2
Big Six 1-1, 2 aces, BB
Mr. B. 2-2